Refining log entries

Bob von Knobloch bob at
Fri Apr 5 10:58:27 MDT 2013


I've been using rsync (V 3.09) in non-daemon mode for a while to backup  
and/or sync various linux machines (sometimes to & from windows shares).
I would like to reduce the stuff in my log files to the minimum (as I 
see it) and cannot find the appropriate parameters to rsync.
I can obviously turn all logging off, but would like to see just the 
names (with path is ok, but not needed) of files which are either 
updated or deleted, but no thers.
At the moment I also get a complete list of all directories that lie 
under in rsync's target, whether they are updated or not.

My command (running in a bash script) is:

rsync -auz $SRC/* $DEST --out-format=%n >> $DEST/$LOG

I have tried with -v and no '--out-format=%n' also, but this seems very 

I imagine I am not understanding something quite simple in the  docs and 
would appreciate it if someone could point me in the right direction.

With thanks,

Robert von Knobloch

The Sun is out, the sky is blue, it's time to drive the MR2.

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