Understand include exclude script

Marc marcpirat at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 19 06:28:49 MDT 2012


i use a script to backup my homedir, that work but there are somes things i don't really understand.

here my script

rsync -arv --delete --prune-empty-dirs --include-from=include.txt --exclude-from=exclude  /home/bob /media/usbkey

include.txt file
+ .Skype/***
+ .local/
+ .local/share/
+ .local/share/local-mail/***
+ .mozilla/***
- .**

exclude.txt file

I have a lot of folder in my home: music, video, Document.

I undersdand  that it script copy skype, local-mail and mozilla content.
-.** means exclude other?

and for exlude file: exclude Desktop, Download and .* means all other?

also why music, video and document are copied, is there something in the script who said to copy it?


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