Speeding Up Rsync for Large File Sets

Kyle Lanclos lanclos at ucolick.org
Fri Nov 30 11:17:24 MST 2012

Tim Gustafson wrote:
> Because zfs send/receive doesn't work well if the target file system ever
> gets changed, even for something like an atime.** Basically, the file
> system can't be touched on the remote end, and you can't even set the
> read-only property, because that would be a filesystem-level change that
> would break the send/receive.** Unless I'm not understanding something.

This description matches my experience. I only succeeded with zfs
send/receive when the receiving pool was never mounted. If I mounted the
filesystem, even read-only, the next receive operation would fail with
an assertion that the filesystem had changed.

This was with an earlier version of zfs (13ish?), so perhaps the behavior
changed in the last five years.


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