delete-during and I/O errors

Gareth Babb hick.rsync at
Sat Nov 24 15:30:38 MST 2012

On Sat, 24 Nov 2012, Kevin Korb wrote:

> Rsync should stop deleting as soon as it hits an error unless you are
> using --force or --ignore-errors.

Most definately not using either, as the correct operation of 
delete-after shows.

> Also, set these in /etc/lvm/lvm.conf:
>     snapshot_autoextend_threshold = 80
>     snapshot_autoextend_percent = 20
> That will auto-extend your snapshots so they don't fill up (unless of
> course you run out of space).

Interesting idea, but due to the setup is a bit of a complicated config 
change (it involves numerous "file server" VMs built using a pre-defined 
build system) - I'd prefer rsync to just stop deleting-during on I/O 
errors, but your suggestion is something to bear in mind as well. Plus on 
some of the targets the snapshot could still disappear at some point even 
with that change.

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