delete-during and I/O errors

Gareth Babb hick.rsync at
Sat Nov 24 03:56:23 MST 2012

I've implemented a backups system and have come across a problem with 
delete-during and I/O errors.

Currently I use a wrapper round rsync to create a LVM snapshot and rsync 
the snapshot, this works except that when the snapshot threshhold is 
exceeded LVM removes the snapshop, the mount fails and I/O errors happen.

This is ok, except with delete-during I'm getting instances of rsync 
thinking the files are deleted (though it does know I/O errors are 
happening and reports them), and thus deleting them on the receiver side. 
This is not good.

I've resorted to delete-after (which happily refuses to delete as I/O 
errors have taken place), but does anyone have any clues for fixing this 
with delete-during ?

I'm using 3.0.8, but I can't see anything relevant in the changes for 

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