Rsync --update copy one file multiples times

kamleshverma kamleshverma at
Wed Nov 21 03:39:38 MST 2012

Hi All,

My using rsync command to backup my mail server mailbox to backup server.

I am using following command for backup.

rsync  -avzu -e ssh root at  /mail_backup

I configured daily cron for this command in backup server.

In mail server /mail_home folder having all user's mailbox and size of 
mail_home is 345 GB and in backup server I have assign 450 GB for 
mail_backup drive.  when I run command first time its copied all mailbox 
folder from mail server to backup server but when crontab run second 
time in backup server the Mail_backup drive showing full. after that I 
run script on backup server and mail server which show all folder size 
and compare with both results. in both server each folders size is same.

Now I am wondering why backup server showing  Mail_backup full.


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