Problem Backup Maildir to NTFS

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Fri Nov 16 11:19:50 MST 2012

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Use backup media that is formatted with the same filesystem as the
data.  NTFS is simply incapable of handling that filename.

One possible workaround would be to take an lvm2 snapshot on the Linux
system then mount up the snapshot and rename all the files on it.
Then you could rsync that.  Obviously you would have to rename the
files back if you ever needed to restore.

On 11/16/12 13:19, Jose Luis Marin Perez wrote:
> Hi Christian,
> Another option would be to get to backup?
> Thanks
> Jose Luis
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> On 2012-11-16 16:37, Jose Luis Marin Perez wrote:
>> Dear Sirs,
>> I need to make a backup of email accounts (Maildir) a Linux
>> server to a Windows server with NTFS, but get the following
>> error:
>> rsync: rename 
>> "/mnt/rsync/cur/,S=32828:2,S.M92y5w"
>> -> "cur/,S=32828:2,S": Invalid
>> argument (22)
>> I have installed Rsync v3.0.9
>> The command is executed:
>> rsync -rltDvu --modify-window=1 --progress --delete 
>> /data/user01/Maildir /mnt/rsync
>> I will appreciate can help me in solving this problem
> NTFS is quite restrictive in what characters it allows, so
> unfortunately you cannot use ":".
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