rsync ignores a number of sub-directories

Kevin Korb kmk at
Thu Nov 8 11:56:53 MST 2012

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Without the actual missing paths it is hard to compare against your
exclude list but I am not seeing any patterns that appear to apply. My
initial suggestion is to go to level 2 verbose (--verbose --verbose
and not --quiet) which will tell you why it is excluding stuff.

Also, I feel like I have to ask why the --no-times?  You are also
using --size-only so you are making the assumption that any file that
is the same size contains the same data while not fixing the time
stamps for the next run. Is this a system with unreliable timestamps?

On 11/08/12 13:29, James Moe wrote:
> rsync v.3.0.7 protocol version 30 opensuse v11.4 linux
> v2.6.37.6-0.20-desktop x86_64
> rsync --recursive --links --dirs --stats --itemize-changes --quiet
> \ --size-only --exclude-from=/home/sma-user3x/bin/rsync-exclude.txt
> \ --delete --no-times --omit-dir-times \ /data01/t-drv/websites/
> /t/websites/
> The sub-directories /websites/site-logs/... are never copied. The 
> subdir names are all year names (2006, 2010, 2011, ...). Other
> subdirs are copied without issue. The file names have the form 
> <access_log-201210.gz>.
> There are no errors or warnings in the log file about the
> oversight, simply nothing happens.
> Any ideas why?
> ....[ rsync-exclude.txt ].... - logs/*.log - logs/*.err -
> VirtualBox VMs/winxp/*.vmdk - VirtualBox VMs/os2v4.52/*.vmdk -
> .VirtualBox/HardDisks/* - */Cache/* - .cache/* - .beagle/* -
> ./diy/* - ./.gvfs/* ....[ end ]....

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