rsync over ssh with no cipher

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Mon May 21 08:18:30 MDT 2012

Some sshs support the cipher 'none' (-c none). I believe the HPN patches 
for ssh have the 'none' cipher patch as well.

Using ssh instead of rsh is still nice since (I believe) even with the 
-none cipher you still get an encrypted negotiated username + pass.

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>From what I can gather from googling, using rsync over ssh without a 
cipher is not possible since some changes to the openssh package.  Is this 
true?  I have been using a CPU friendly cipher but feel that it is best to 
use no cipher at all (secured network).

rsync -avxu --progress -e 'ssh -c arcfour128' /path/to/source/ 
user at server:/path/to/destination/

Thanks in advance!
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