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Sat May 19 14:43:30 MDT 2012

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It is true that OpenSSH no longer supports the none cipher. I believe
it is possible to enable it within the source code but I wouldn't
recommend that.

Depending on your CPU you can get a big benefit from using either -c
arcfour or by using the hpn patch set.

Also, if you are certain enough about the security of your network
that you don't need encryption you don't really need ssh. Rsync can
use any network transport that is command line compatible with rsh
which of course includes rsh. Rsync also has its own daemon that you
can configure and run.

On 05/19/12 16:27, John wrote:
>> From what I can gather from googling, using rsync over ssh
>> without a cipher is not possible since some changes to the
>> openssh package.  Is this true?  I have been using a CPU friendly
>> cipher but feel that it is best to use no cipher at all (secured
>> network).
> rsync -avxu --progress -e 'ssh -c arcfour128' /path/to/source/
> user at server:/path/to/destination/
> Thanks in advance!

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