Help for Beginners: A Simple Way of Installing the Latest Version of Rsync?

s.noble at s.noble at
Tue May 8 07:40:41 MDT 2012


Please bear with me because I'm no command-line guru. Quite the opposite.

I was wondering if there existed a simple, straightforward way for a novice to
install the latest version of rsync (3.0.9) onto Mac OS X. After searching
around the Web, I found that the following site offers such an installer -- --
but the proposed version of rsync (3.0.6) is not quite the latest one.

I'm using rsync to back up Mac boxes to a Linux box. I learnt about rsync and
how to use it, then got it working, only to find that Apple ships OS X with a
very outdated version of the programme (2.6.9), causing problems, for example,
with extended attributes.

Being a novice, I have no need to install Apple's XCode (the MacPorts programme,
on, would appear to require this, as far as I can understand), and
I would just like a simple way of getting the latest version of rsync up and

Any help anyone would be kind enough to provide would be much appreciated.



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