Getting messages "failed to stat" only in cron execution

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Tue May 8 03:45:05 MDT 2012

On Sunday 06 May 2012 09:48:27 joop g wrote:
> On Saturday 05 May 2012 17:46:25 Wayne Davison wrote:
> > On Thu, May 3, 2012 at 10:17 AM, joop g <jjge at> wrote:
> > > **
> > > 
> > > Invalid or incomplete multibyte or wide character (84)
> > 
> > That looks like an OS error.  Are you using a file system that rejects
> > invalid character sequences (OS X systems usually have this)?  Check your
> > environment variables for differences relating to character sets and
> > rsync's iconv option (such as RSYNC_ICONV).
> > 
> > ..wayne..
> It is somewhat complicated. My server runs Linux, and the file system is
> e2fs, which is disclosed to the Windows workstations by Samba.
> However, the backup is entirely done in Linux.
> I have noticed one difference in environment variables: if I run locale in
> the cron job, I get all language variables set to "POSIX", and if I run it
> from a shell (when it works without messages) all variables are "en_US".
> However, when I paste the output from locale under the shell into the batch
> file, I still get those messages!

Well, I have now done the following: from the command shell 'export', and I 
have pasted the complete output into the command file. The messages are gone. 
Now I will remove some of the lines, and find out which one makes the difference 

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