Getting messages "failed to stat" only in cron execution

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Thu May 3 12:18:13 MDT 2012

No, but a couple of things that I would look at (that you probably already
did) : 1) Since rsync handles embedded blanks in paths, it probably also
works for embedded single quotes, but I'd verify that. 2) Are \#303\#253
valid characters (especially on the host that's generating the error
message - if you're running your rsync across hosts, maybe your local host
understands something the remote one doesn't)?  I don't remember where I
saw it, but I think rsync has an option for recoding things on the fly
from one character set to another if that's the problem.



> Hello, *
> When I am running a backup bash file under cron, I get lots of messages
> like
> the following:
> rsync: recv_generator: failed to stat
> "/mnt/tmp/backup/museum/documenten/secretariaat/vrijwilligers/medewerkersboek
> en poster/losse foto's medewerkers/oude foto's medewerkers die we willen
> bewaren/wienk, ari\#303\#253l .jpg": Invalid or incomplete multibyte or
> wide
> character (84)
> If I rerun the same file from my command shell, I get none of these.
> I suspect that one of my variables makes the difference, but has anyone an
> idea, where to look? There are so many of them...
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