What windows attributes can I duplicate with rsync?

Kevin Korb kmk at sanitarium.net
Sat Mar 24 10:18:44 MDT 2012

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On 03/24/12 11:56, Albert Lunde wrote:
> I'm looking to copy a quality of files from Windows Vista x64 to
> Windows 7 x64, between systems that are not domain members.
> This would be between NTFS file systems.
> I have some experience scripting rsync between Unix/Linux systems,
> so I'm considering this as an option. But I'm unclear what Windows
> file attributes etc. I can expect to keep or lose in such a
> transfer.
> I've got a recent build of cygwin rsync on both systems, as well as
> the mingw port of rsync.
> I'm guessing that nothing is going to reproduce the NTFS ACIs: I'm
> not sure I want to do that in detail, since Windows SIDs are often
> system specific.
> So I might be better using Cygwin's "user" mapping to map the user 
> "lunde" on one system to "lunde" on the other.
> (I'm looking to transfer files that mostly belong to me, downloads
> and data, but including some assorted .exe installers.  I plan to
> reinstall most applications by hand.)
> But I know Cygwin does tricky stuff under the hood to simulate the
> Posix permission bits with Windows ACIs.  I'm not sure I want to
> have those extra ACIs applied to files that did not start their
> life within cygwin.
> And I'm unclear what "xattr" will carry going from NTFS to NTFS.
> What are my options, and what can I reasonably home to transfer
> with rsync?
> (Another option I'm looking at is "WebDrive" over sftp. But it
> doesn't have the bandwidth limiting that rsync does.)

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