Batch mode creates huge diffs, bug(s)?

Joachim Otahal (privat) Jou at
Tue Mar 20 13:41:37 MDT 2012

Matt Van Mater schrieb:
> Alternate assessment - I ran a similar comparison against the two 
> image files using rdiff that comes with Ubuntu 10.04.4 LTS (shown up 
> as librsync 0.9.7) and have a significantly smaller delta file (closer 
> to what i expect).

Just plain luck. If ubuntu wrote the most new files close to the last 
used blocks and only changes a few bytes (this time literally) in the 
middle then the desync happens later. The 400 MB delta still looks big, 
or did you install something big like libreoffice?


Joachim Otahal

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