FW: killing rsync seems to wipe-out the --partial .hidden files

Frank Hamersley terabite at bigpond.com
Tue Mar 20 06:29:04 MDT 2012

... then reads about the very next switch ...


... which has some of the hallmarks expressed in the synchronised
directory - but I expect iff the rsync session is uninterrupted?

Cheers, Frank.

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Thanks for the tip - it will be employed tonight,

Looks like it has some of the specified attributes - but not ...

1. the "unified directory" which is of course not rsync's pedigree being
file oriented per se, and
2. I will be interested to see how "smart" the restart is in terms of the
dropped 80%.

To be honest, in not understanding the brutal truth about abend --partial
behaviours, the specifics of --partial-dir even though written in the man
page are not that meaningful/eye catching.  I dismissed it as purely a
house-keeping option to allow --partial to be directed to (say) another disk
device etc to manage storage distribution rather than imagining it changes
the nature of rsync operation.

So many switches, so little time to explore them all :-)

Cheers, Frank.

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> On Tue 20 Mar 2012, Frank Hamersley wrote:
> >
> > Thinking quickly (as I have to go to a Mindari) the approach I
> would take
> > for --partial is to ...
> Perhaps you need to examine the manpage bit more thoroughly, you could
> e.g. use --partial-dir.
> Paul
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