Error recovery

Jack Tavares j.tavares at
Mon Mar 12 18:35:56 MDT 2012

I am trying to figure out what happens in the following scenario:

I use rsync to copy files from hostA:/dir1 to hostB:/dir1
with the command (from hostB)

rsync -abvt --delete-after --suffix=~ hostA:/dir1 /dir1

So if fileA exists already on both boxes (it has previously been
rsynce-d) and

fileA changes on hostA.
rsync starts from hostB, fileA starts transfer.

If the transfer aborts before it is complete (due to a network
failure) what happens?

In a successful transfer dir1 on hostB will have

But if the transfer aborts midway will the results be

fileA <<- partial results
fileA~ <<- original file

Or will it recover intelligently and the results will be
fileA <<- original file with no changes

I have looked in the man page and FAQs and I have not
found a definitive answer to this question. If it is documented
somewhere, a pointer to the documentation would be much appreciated.

Thank you

Jack Tavares

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