[Bug 8177] Problems with big sparsed files

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Sat Mar 10 15:47:51 MST 2012


--- Comment #12 from grarpamp at gmail.com 2012-03-10 22:47:50 UTC ---
As an aside, be aware that you may encounter rather poor
performance with sparse files. If so, and until this bug
is addressed, you may need to look at other transfer options.

You may also want to backup a snapshot (maybe one application
level write point of fail) instead of missing all the writes
numbered 2+ that will slip by while waiting on those hundred
GB to copy. More properly, shut the vm down first or use any
built in snapshot tool the vm has.

Also, check *.* syslog and dmesg for any errors, run memtest86.
But it say mmap 22, so maybe not disk media error.

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