anonymous "on demand" file transfers?

Filipe Fernandes ffernand.list at
Fri Mar 9 14:51:08 MST 2012

Hello All,

Is it possible to serve up files anonymously via a folder of my choosing
on demand?

>From time to time where I work, we transfer large file heirarchies between
co-workers and contractor workstations, and we've gotten away with tar'ing
things up or using something like webfs (or Python -m SimpleHTTPServer) on
one end and 'wget -r http://remote-server' on the the other.

This can be anything from log files, to photoshop files, etc...

What I'm looking for though is something more efficent without creating
extrenuous files like 'index.html' (when using wget -r) or the like.

I'm aware of rsync having two modes.

One using "daemon" mode where rsync provides for file transfers using
it's own transport layer; and the paths have been predefined in either
/etc/rsyncd.conf or through the --config options.  This is a little
inflexable as I can't just nagivate to the folder I want and launch
rsync to serve up only the local folder I specify
(say in --daemon --no-detach mode)

The other one using ssh transport which is more flexable in the path
that can be chosen but requires authentication on the remote box and
requires that the recipent know what path to sync with; not to mention
is harder to lock down what paths can be shared.

I'm uncertain if rsync will support my use-case but I'm
hopeful that the community has some answers I could take away.


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