cwRsync got killed...

Thomas Guyot-Sionnest dermoth at
Wed Mar 7 13:05:02 MST 2012

On 17/02/12 01:58 PM, grarpamp wrote:
>> Side question: Does anyone know the probability of generating a file with
>> the same md5 and sha256 which is still looks valid with the expected content
> Uhh, zero. Problem is, the author never bothered with or knew about
> PKI signatures. So the hashes on the web could be wrong.
> Note also that the 4.2.0 sources have not yet popped up elsewhere...
> (Though judging from the 4.1.0 sources, it's just the installer, not
> the build script. And if you already have an install, you can just
> drop in new self built binaries over top.)
> And also that there was usually a corresponding CopSSH release,
> sometimes with different versions of ssl/ssh/rsync than cwRsync.
> (Though recent itefix releases were all in sync.)
> It's kindof a dick move, but someone else will come online
> to fill the space he vacated. They always do.
> 4d9ff47701c48c9378f391dbabfd98aaf47ac7440e43420ee72c11c2f6e6b5a7
> bc3f9bbf102f880c1c90aefb1a77b051414a70622bba841c16ba0a082daa3177
> 21e608caed9e5e7e1f1f9881729eab0a8fce6e1ff31d85dcb7759d502478160c
> 63332ceba8b5145442b76e6c5cda5835b63b3d583b950adf29446887b433e9bf
> aa039b73c4029f658b552410169dbba60be34fe2923cb1b836584474fdbe8826
> 5abeec588e937bd749456ddb347e4116b0f8407e15f412281fc64c763d1de62d
> a086e591adf2e063566a574171472b655129f4fb22f91e2ff3bc19bfbb2eaca1
> cwrsync_410_12605.htm
> 5ec58f1524e6914127e2b04d5d547a6a09ece09c4cdff15624611d2091c617fa
> cwrsync_420_12862.htm
> 2e1df2656dd64a7d5e71e6890ef30ce615b60ed046baab6101ad40f4b0515bf6


I  might be a bit late, but today I tried to get the server and found
out about Itefix's move - well fortunately I had downloaded last
September and the original zip file was still lying on the server I used
it on.

So I was wondering if anyone is still interested in it? Here's the md5,
which looks like was mentioned somewhere in the thread

> Apart from that: Anybody got lucky on 
> 3961867 bytes MD5 c787dfa854775793d1a1b5c3502b57b5 ?

What I have:

c787dfa854775793d1a1b5c3502b57b5 *

I will make it available for download if it's still missing, and BTW I
would love to get the latest client-only installer.



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