BDsync: Block Device sync

Henri Shustak henri.shustak at
Fri Jun 29 03:03:24 MDT 2012

> I'm sure I'm replicating a moment in time like someone pulled the power plug. I assume that the VM's can recover from that.


It will depend what you are backing up. Some things may be fine with having the power plug pulled out, while others may not. I would not count on it just because when you tried a recovery once and it seemed to work okay.

Two approaches you may want to consider : 
 (1) You could try suspending the VM.
 (2) Better yet, you could shut it down. 

I appreciate that depending upon your situation these approaches may not be a possibility. However, they are worth considering.

From my understanding it will really depend upon what you are backing up and if the approach you mentioned will work to protect that data. What you have mentioned may be fine. 

In summary, pulling a power plug out of a computer system is not typically recommended (normally fine if it has redundant power supplies). Think about how important that data is. Would you be happy pulling the power out of a system and then trusting that everything on the system was fine.

Things happen power leads get disconnected, systems freeze. However, people try to be carful and developers try to stop systems from freezing.

I hope this helps.

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