[Bug 8990] It might be nice to make --append-verify also transfer non-appending files

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Tue Jun 26 02:07:40 MDT 2012


--- Comment #2 from Matt A <samba-bugzilla at ookypooky.com> 2012-06-26 08:07:39 UTC ---
(In reply to comment #1)
> Thus, it is assumed that if you are using --append (or --append-verify) that
> you have narrowed down your transfer list to just files that need to be
> appended and that you know have unchanged data prior to the append bits.

I can see that that is the intended behaviour for --append, but then what does
--append-verify do differently? Prior to version 3.0.0, --append did check that
the files matched after attempting an append, and the way the documentation is
written gives the impression that this behaviour is now implemented by
--append-verify. To quote:

              This  works  just  like the --append option, but the existing
data on the receiving side is included in the full-file checksum verification
step, which will cause a file to be resent if the final verification step fails
(rsync uses a normal, non-appending --inplace transfer for the resend).

              Note: prior to rsync 3.0.0, the --append option worked like
--append-verify, so if you are interacting with an older rsync (or the transfer
is using a protocol prior  to  30), specifying either append option will
initiate an --append-verify transfer.

I'm pretty sure the current behaviour is a bug.

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