Fwd: --link-dest does not appear to be linking on Cygwin

Kevin Korb kmk at sanitarium.net
Tue Jun 5 15:06:06 MDT 2012

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- --itemize-changes would be the first place to start.  Also, see if you
can make a hard link on your NAS.  Just because the underlying ext4
supports it doesn't mean that your network mount does.  Try something

cd /cygdrive/f/macki
touch testfile
ln testfile testfile2
ls -ls testfile testfile2

They should both have the same inode number.

On 06/05/12 17:02, Clint Olsen wrote:
> Hi:
> I have attempted to following some instructions to use --link-dest
> in order to preserve space for multiple backups. I'm using rsync
> on Cygwin with a NAS (ext4) which does support hard-links on the 
> filesystem. I've written a short program that does attempt to
> create a hard-link on this NAS from Cygwin and it does look to be
> working. If I run ls -li on the NAS the inodes are the same.
> However, on Cygwin the inodes returned are not. I assumed that
> what's important is that the NAS handles the hard-links correctly.
> I checked the archives and it looks like a common mistake is 
> inconsistent usage of the trailing backslash. My usage looks
> something like:
> % rsync -aP --delete --delete-excluded 
> --exclude-from=/home/Nancy/.rsync/exclude 
> --link-dest=/cygdrive/f/macki/current/ Nancy 
> /cygdrive/f/macki/incomplete-back-2012-06-05T13:53:51
> I'm running this from "/cygwin/c/Documents and Settings/"
> directory, and the directory under the symlink "current" is
> "Nancy".
> Is there a way to tell if rsync thinks it's found a match and 
> attempting to link?
> Thanks,
> -Clint

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