Time rsYnc Machine (tym)

M. Carrasco ca at dragoman.org
Sat Jul 28 12:16:56 MDT 2012

Correction, tym is "push": rsync does all the remote manipulation.

The worse case might look like this:
 - Run program          foo-run.com
 - Log data             foo-log.com
 - Source data          foo-source1.com to foo-sourceN.com
 - Destination data     foo-destination.com

For this, one might use a syntax similar to scp syntax. For example running the command from foo-run.com:
 scp foo1 at foo-source1:/bar1 ... fooN at foo-sourceN.com:/barN   fooD at foo-destination.com:/barD 

It would have to be extended for the logs. Depending on the use case, one should see how much should be generalize.

At present in tym, there are two possibilities:
 - One machine: run, log, source and destination
 - Two machines:
    1. Run, log and source
    2. Destination

Parameters in tym:
readonly SourceList=/foo/bar-source              # local source files/directories
readonly DestDir=/foo/bar-dest                   # backup directory, local or remote
readonly Machine=foo at example.com                 # defaults to local machine


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