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Push is when you run your backup program (rsync and whatever script)
on the machine being backed up and you push/upload your data to the
backup system.

Pull is when you run your backup program on the backup system and
pull/download the data from the machine being backed up.

The scripting is much easier in pull mode because the script is
running where the backups are and can manipulate them easily.  In push
mode you have to manage everything through either ssh or rsync.

On 07/28/12 13:14, josephj at main.nc.us wrote:
> Could you explain push vs. pull?  I haven't seen that before.
> TIA Joe
>> Note that this stuff is a lot easier if you pull your backups
>> rather than pushing them.  That way your making of directories
>> and symlinks and deleting of old backups are all done locally.

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