cannot rsync when source directory lacks write permission

josephj at josephj at
Fri Jul 27 12:12:49 MDT 2012

Is rsync being run with root privileges for the destination?

> I seem to be running into a problem where I am trying to rsync from a
> source directory that lacks write permissions (i.e. r-xr-xr-x).
> Presumably this is because rsync creates the directory on the
> destination, then sets the permissions to match the source and then
> tries to sync the contents of the directory, which it cannot of course
> lacking write permission in the directory.
> Is there a way to have rsync first sync a directory and then set the
> permissions to match the source?  Of course, this needs to be done
> recursively so that permissions are set as rsync ascends back up the
> directory tree.
> Cheers,
> b.
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