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Fri Jul 20 11:42:57 MDT 2012

 Thanks for your answer, but, unfortunately nothing you suggested is
possible (I am just a user and not the admin), and, besides, isn't that a
little bit overkill? This procedure with symlinking randomly spread files
is standard at our place and all the software we use to analyze those data
can handle symlinks. There is absolutely no way they will start messing up
with stuff like lvm just because of this one thing.

So, my question remains: can rsync somehow handle symlinks at the target
machine, or should I use some other tools?

On 07/20/2012 07:20 PM, Kevin Korb wrote:

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It sounds like you need lvm2 or whatever the equiv is for whatever OS
you are running.  Or maybe RAID (or both).

On 07/20/12 13:10, Yuriy Davygora wrote:

 Dear all,

I am trying to synchronize data from a remote machine (ssh) to my
local one using rsync (pure scp would overwrite everything every
time). The problem is, however, that due to the size of data and
available storage, I have to distribute it over several hdd's. For
that I have a script, which moves every single file (typical size ~
4GB) to a different (randomly selected) hdd, leaving behind a
symlink to the new location which has the same name as the original

When, however, rsync is run again (I use -a option), it deletes
all the links and downloads the corresponding files again. I tried
-l (which is in -a, anyway, but I tried it explicitely, just for
the case), -L and -K, but still I got the same behaviour.

Is there a way to make rsync follow the symlinks at the target

Thank you very much in advance!

Best regards, Yuriy

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