Target: following file symlinks?

Yuriy Davygora davygora at
Fri Jul 20 11:10:32 MDT 2012

   Dear all,

  I am trying to synchronize data from a remote machine (ssh) to my local
one using rsync (pure scp would overwrite everything every time). The
problem is, however, that due to the size of data and available storage, I
have to distribute it over several hdd's. For that I have a script, which
moves every single file (typical size ~ 4GB) to a different (randomly
selected) hdd, leaving behind a symlink to the new location which has the
same name as the original file.

  When, however, rsync is run again (I use -a option), it deletes all the
links and downloads the corresponding files again. I tried -l (which is in
-a, anyway, but I tried it explicitely, just for the case), -L and -K, but
still I got the same behaviour.

  Is there a way to make rsync follow the symlinks at the target machine?

  Thank you very much in advance!

  Best regards,
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