Error 23 with hard links and 3.0.9 patched

Olaf Marzocchi olaf.lists at
Fri Jul 13 15:26:26 MDT 2012

I'm setting up a system for automated synchronization and backup between different macs (OS X Lion 10.7). I use HFS+ Journaled as filesystem.
I wanted to follow these guidelines:
but I gave a look inside the patches Mr. Bombich suggested and I thought I could try first by using only the normal ones provided by, so I skipped

curl -o patches/hfs_compression.diff
curl -o patches/crtimes-64bit.diff
curl -o patches/crtimes-hfs+.diff

and I used only

patch -p1 <patches/fileflags.diff
patch -p1 <patches/crtimes.diff

plus the stock one instead of the custom one:

patch -p1 <patches/hfs-compression.diff

I checked the resulting binary with the improved backup bouncer test suite
and it passes all the tests except the one with the hard links, so I think my choice was more or less correct: the crtimes and hfs_compression patches suggested seem not to be required with 3.0.9.

Concerning the hard links error, however, I don't know what to do, since I'm not good enough with programming to tinker with the rsync internals.
More specifically, backup bouncer test suite performs these actions:

    echo "testing 1 2 3" > some-file
    ln ./some-file link1
    ln ./some-file link2
    ln ./link1 link3

    touch locked_link_source
	ln locked_link_source locked_link_target
	chflags uchg locked_link_source

My rsync binary fails to copy the "locked_link_source" file, all the others are fine. The error I get is:

rsync: link "/Volumes/Dst/20-rsync-309-patches/20-hardlinks/locked_link_source" => 20-hardlinks/locked_link_target failed: Operation not permitted (1)
rsync error: some files/attrs were not transferred (see previous errors) (code 23) at main.c(1122) [sender=3.0.9]

Needless to say, I was running rsync as root.
Could someone please help me solving this issue? I looked in the archives but what I found concerning the error 23 doesn't seem to apply to my case.

Olaf Marzocchi

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