--link-dest doesn't work if target file exists (but needs updating)

Brian J. Murrell brian at interlinx.bc.ca
Fri Jan 20 16:13:40 MST 2012

On 12-01-20 06:01 PM, Kevin Korb wrote:
> Someone has requested it:
> https://bugzilla.samba.org/show_bug.cgi?id=7870

I'm not really sure that is the same bug.  Maybe it is.  Not convinced
though.  I guess I can file my own bug and ask 7870's OP to see if it's
the same issue.

> But is seems like an rm -rf and a cp -al would do the same thing.

But as I said before, it won't.  Not all files in the destination are
the same as the source and files may exist in the destination that don't
exist in the source.


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