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Tue Jan 17 17:53:45 MST 2012

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Rsync does not know what files it will need to send until it is
finished (or transferring the last file that it needs to transfer).
Also, when doing delta transfers it has no idea how much of a
particular file it will have to transfer until it is done with that file.

See the man page section on --recursive for more info.

On 01/17/12 19:47, Victor Denisov wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I'm trying to implement calculation of overall progress for rsync. 
> Currently it shows progress only on per file basis.
> So I need for the feature size of all files to be synced - this is
> obvious and already exists in the code.
> I can calculate size of transferred files, but I can't find the
> piece of code that is responsible for calculation of checksums. I
> don't understand which part of code compares chunks of files and
> evaluates which of them should be actually transferred.
> So the question is: where is the source code responsible for
> checksums calculation and chunks transfer?
> Thanks, Victor.

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