disable interpretation of trailing slash

John J Foerch jjfoerch at earthlink.net
Mon Jan 9 11:54:26 MST 2012

"Voelker, Bernhard" <bernhard.voelker at siemens-enterprise.com> writes:
> John J Foerch wrote:
>> So I may take up your suggestion for my own use, but I did want to put
>> forward the idea that since in my experience, trailing slash
>> interpretation is an often-mentioned stumbling-block for rsync users,
>> maybe it would be appropriate for rsync itself to provide a convenient
>> alternative.
> I've also been using rsync for many years, and from right at the
> beginning, I started using the "dir/." syntax to not fall into that
> trap. It always works and is also nice to use in scripts as an
> accidental "dir/./." does not harm ;-)
> Have a nice day,
> Berny

Is a trailing "/." exactly equivalent to a trailing "/" in all ways?  If
so, then if the command-line option I asked for were introduced, when
used, there would still be a way to specify "contents of" a source by
means of "/." instead of "/".  That would be a bonus.


John Foerch

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