disable interpretation of trailing slash

John J Foerch jjfoerch at earthlink.net
Sat Jan 7 19:40:51 MST 2012


This is a feature request for a command-line option to disable special
interpretation of trailing slashes on source directories.  I have been
using rsync for a couple of years now (what an awesome program!) and the
meaning of the trailing slash on a source is always the one aspect of
its syntax that slows me down and makes me check and re-check the manual
to ensure that I have remembered its behavior correctly.  The likelihood
of making a mistake with a trailing slash is compounded by the fact that
shell completion (e.g. in bash) puts it there by default, and it was
this very behavior that caused me to be a little too carefree last week
and mess up a large backup.  While the trailing slash is a powerful and
useful feature, it also strikes me as risky to have so much power built
into a single character of syntax, especially a character which usually
has no special meaning in other programs.  Others I have chatted with on
this topic shared the same view.  My feature request then, is for a
command line switch to disable the special interpretation of the
trailing slash on sources.  A short option would be preferred.  My
reasoning is that it is easier to remember to always use a particular
option, except in situations requiring more nuance, than it is to
remember the special rule and to always check the syntax of the sources.

Thank you for your time.

John Foerch

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