rsync is skipping some files, permission problem

Walter White homerun4711 at
Sun Jan 1 13:27:28 MST 2012

Hello Kevin,

you are right. As far as I found out by now, the problem
is not related to rsync at all, but to the way that the remote drive is
mounted to my filesystem. If I access the remote system by logging
on via ssh everything all files are there as expected.
Looks like a permission problem somewhere...

Kind regards,

Am 01.01.2012 02:03, schrieb Kevin Korb:
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> If rsync was unable to read or write a file it should have complained
> about it.  Make sure you are watching for errors.  If it isn't
> complaining then I would suspect that one of your excludes which you
> didn't list is the problem.
> On 12/31/11 19:10, Walter White wrote:
>> Hello!
>> Happy New Year!
>> I came across a small problem a few minutes ago while I was
>> comparing a sync'ed folder to its source, the home-directory of my
>> user, "administrator".
>> I noticed that not all files had been copied and I recognized that
>> the missing files/folders have permission rwx------ or drwx------
>> and are owned by administrator.
>> My rsync script being run using sudo and I am wondering why sudo is
>> not having access to the files.
>> The parameters are "-avz --modify-window=3 --stats --progress
>> --delete --delete-excluded"
>> Can someone explain to me if this behavior is normal and expected?
>> And what would be the best solution to this? Are there any
>> parameters you would suggest or do I have to use for instance a
>> "chmod 755" before running rsync?
>> Kind regards, Walter
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