rsync ing files within an apache cluster - newbie

Roland RoLaNd r_o_l_a_n_d at
Mon Feb 13 05:13:37 MST 2012

Dear All,  
Background information: 
i have a cluster of 14 apache servers running behind a load balancer .hits to the server are random, there's no master webserver so uploads to the website may land on app server 1..14 depending on where it landed by the load balancer.
What i need help with:
i want to have all the "uploaded files" in all webservers to be in's a scenario:
1. User uploaded file1.txt to the site(names are unique), where it landed on app server 1.2. Same user visits the site the next day and his hit lands on app server 3 that informs the user that there's no such file as file.txt

What i've tried:
1. as a cron: for i in {1..14};do rsync -av /source/uploaded/dir/ user at 192.168.5.$i:destination/uploaded/dir/;done on all 14 servers.
2. uploaded file1.txt and made sure it lands on webserver1 and the same file1.txt with a minor change that landed on webserver 3.

14 webservers received only the oldest file instead of propagating the new one.

Can anyone put me on the right track with tihs?


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