Problem/Bug when syncing subdirectory structures with delay-updates and partial-dir

Hans Korneder hans at
Tue Dec 25 05:31:26 MST 2012

Am 24.12.2012 20:45, schrieb Wayne Davison:
> On Mon, Dec 10, 2012 at 7:05 AM, Hans Korneder <hans at
> <mailto:hans at>> wrote:
>     Files are saved within partial-dir, but without the subdirectory
>     path they came from, so having the same file names within different
>     subdirectories causes them to be overwritten (and/or lost, of course).
> You should use a relative partial-dir (not an absolute path) for complex
> transfers so that each subdirectory gets its own partial dir.
> ..wayne..

That doesn't solve my intentions, as I don't want any partial files
within the destination directory.
Using relative partial dir paths like '../path/to/dir' doesn't solve
this issue either, as (required) subdirs are not created / being used.

And most ugly: files at the destination might have the content of files
from another source.

I have to correct my initial post:
> The result:
> /jbod1/tmp/destdir/sub2/README is missing
> /jbod1/tmp/destdir/sub1/README has the contents of srcdir/sub2/README

Please help!


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