Problem/Bug when syncing subdirectory structures with delay-updates and partial-dir

Hans Korneder hans at
Mon Dec 10 08:05:12 MST 2012

Hello there,

recently stumbled over a problem syncing subdirectory structures in 
combination with partial-dir.

Files are saved within partial-dir, but without the subdirectory path 
they came from, so having the same file names within different 
subdirectories causes them to be overwritten (and/or lost, of course).

Currently I'm using rsync 3.0.9 protocol version 30 in Linux 

The setup:

local machine: danae, remote machine: devsys

# cleanup
rm -rf srcdir
ssh korn at devsys "rm -rf /jbod1/tmp/priv-temp-dir 
/jbod1/tmp/priv-part-dir /jbod1/tmp/destdir"

# create source structure
mkdir -p srcdir/sub1 srcdir/sub2
echo "file1"   > srcdir/sub1/file1
echo "readme1" > srcdir/sub1/README
echo "file2"   > srcdir/sub2/file2
echo "readme2" > srcdir/sub2/README

# rsync
ssh korn at devsys "mkdir -p /jbod1/tmp/priv-temp-dir"
rsync --partial --delay-updates --partial-dir=/jbod1/tmp/priv-part-dir 
--temp-dir=/jbod1/tmp/priv-temp-dir -a srcdir/ 
korn at devsys:/jbod1/tmp/destdir

The message:
rsync: rename failed for "/jbod1/tmp/destdir/sub2/README" (from 
/jbod1/tmp/priv-part-dir/README): No such file or directory (2)
rsync error: some files/attrs were not transferred (see previous errors) 
(code 23) at main.c(1052) [sender=3.0.9]

The result:
/jbod1/tmp/destdir/sub2/README is missing
/jbod1/tmp/destdir/sub1/README has the contents of srcdir/sub1/README

Any help appreciated!


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