Destination file is larger than source file

Kevin Korb kmk at
Wed Aug 29 10:55:23 MDT 2012

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Yeah, with a file size difference that big it must be a sparse file on
the source.  Note that making a sparse file on the target will not
necessarily make it the same size.

Either that or something really wrong happened.

On 08/29/12 11:10, Matthias Schniedermeyer wrote:
> On 29.08.2012 10:06, Dariusz Dolecki wrote:
>> We are using the standard -av switch. And both filesystems are
>> the same - UFS.
>> /opt/rsync/bin/rsync -av  -e "ssh -l root" --delete 
>> --exclude-from=/var/scripts/exclude 
>> --password-file=/var/scripts/transfer.passwd <username>@<source 
>> host>::<source dir>/ /<destination dir>
>> Source system
>> <source host>:<source dir># du -sh * 1K   nohup.out 20G
>> file1.dbf 3.9G   file2.dbf 7.6G   file3.dbf 1K   x1 1K   x2
>> Destination system
>> bash-3.00# du -sh * 1K   nohup.out 20G   file1.dbf 16G
>> file2.dbf 7.6G   file3.dbf 1K   x1 1K   x2
> First guess: It's a sparse file so '--sparse' should be added to
> the commandline.
> Bis denn

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