[Bug 3693] rsync -H should break outdated hard-links to identical files

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Sun Aug 12 17:48:23 MDT 2012


--- Comment #11 from Linda Walsh <samba at tlinx.org> 2012-08-12 23:48:22 UTC ---
Note -- This is shouldn't be qualified as an enhancement, as if the -H option
is used, it is supposed to duplicate the hard link structure on the source. 
Not doing so is a bug.

Just like cp in core had (may still have) a bug in coreutils when copying
-- and it's related to this exact same thing...

copying from a source preserving but ignoring file OS (windows) to 
an OS where case is different (but they were hard linked to each other).

cp wanted to copy Afile =>  a dir had 'afile' & 'Afile'.  It thought it needed
to remove [aA]file, and copy over only Afile, as it ws an updated version 
(while 'afile' still existed on source as a separate older file)....

hmmm....this sounds like a similar case.

Unfortunately, they passed it off as a cygwin only bug -- but they coudln't
tell the difference between lower and upper case versions of the same file
when they were linked -- even though they can showup in a dir listing as

Dunnow if it got fixed or not -- I stopped using cp -u where there was danger
of hard links...AFAIK, they never fixed it because it was tossed off to the
cygwin group who promptly forgot about it.

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