rsync 3.0.9 incompatible with self? (proto incompat on local->local)

Linda Walsh rsync at
Sun Aug 12 12:41:10 MDT 2012

How can I show it to you?   I'm pretty sure I can produce it on demand -- just
take another snapshot and do a rsync w/o the no-i-r switch...

But it's not like I can send you a HD via email...they are sorta big...?

Wayne Davison wrote:
> On Sun, Aug 5, 2012 at 1:50 AM, Linda Walsh <rsync at 
> <mailto:rsync at>> wrote:
>     How can I  have a proto incompat when it it is talking to itself?...
> You cited a hard-link bug in the incremental recursion algorithm.  You 
> can work around it by specifying --no-inc-recursive (--no-i-r).  If you 
> have a reproducible test case, I'd like to see it (if possible) to do 
> some debugging.
> ..wayne..

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