Cache file list in daemon mode?

Kevin Korb kmk at
Thu Aug 2 16:43:35 MDT 2012

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is it possible to talk directly to the NFS server via rsyncd or rsync
over ssh?  Eliminating the extra hop through a network mount should
make a big difference.

On 08/02/12 18:30, Peter Scott wrote:
> Hello.  I suspect that what I want to do is not possible with
> rsync, but this is the best place to double-check.
> We are pushing files to a remote target that stores them on a very
> slow network file system.  There are also over a million files on
> the target.  Consequently, running rsync to push an update takes
> hours while the remote side enumerates and stats all those files.
> I thought, that wouldn't be necessary if the remote side was
> running rsync in daemon mode, and that it only built its internal
> map of the files there once after startup, thereafter updating that
> in-memory list with every push it receives.  For that to work,
> there would have to be some flag I could set to promise rsyncd that
> no files in the target would be updated through any means other
> than rsyncd.  I looked for such an option, did some experimenting
> with write-only targets, straced the daemon and saw I wasn't
> getting anywhere.
> Our alternatives are options like building a list of what has
> changed and copying only those things across.  There's some
> housekeeping and race condition avoidance in there that makes it
> more than a couple of simple commands and replicates some of what
> rsync knows how to do already.  By any chance is what I want to do
> possible with rsyncd, or some other tool?

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