Rsyncing huge file, timeout on rsyncd

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Thu Aug 2 05:03:51 MDT 2012

            --timeout=SECONDS       set I/O timeout in seconds
I think this timeout must be set big enough so that data actually gets transferred during the window.
Having the target verify that nothing has changed yet seems to not qualify as resetting the timeout.
Figure on enough time so that the target can read the entire target file.
(Most likely there is a wee bit of change at the very end of the files)

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Just to clarify

When using rsyncd script, there is also no progress from beginning, it just timeouts


Dne Thursday 02 August 2012 12:26:13, Libor Klepáč napsal(a):

> Hello,

> let me describe my setup.

> Source server is debian wheezy, rsync 3.0.9

> Destination is qnap TS-410, with rsyncd enabled, rsync 3.0.7


> I'm trying to rsync two files, which are exported from source server as

> iscsi targets (windows iscsi backups). Files are on btrfs, so I use

> snapshots during rsync, so files don't change.

> One file is 50GB, second is 550GB in size.


> Initial sync over rsyncd daemon went fine.

> Now, i'm trying to sync data, after change.


> When i try to sync over rsyncd, it ends after 20 minutes with:


> rsync: connection unexpectedly closed (2438836 bytes received so far)

> [sender] rsync error: error in rsync protocol data stream (code 12) at

> io.c(605) [sender=3.0.9]



> When i try to rsync over ssh, it takes ages to show progress status (around

> 1 hour for smaller file, 4-5 hours for big file).

> Whats going out there?

> Source server is idle during this "no progress" period, destination Qnap has

> one rsync process eating cpu.


> My commands are (example with one file)

> for rsyncd

> rsync --inplace --progress --numeric-ids --times --password-file .passwd

> iscsi/iscsiDisk1 rsync://backup-rsync@


> for ssh

> rsync --inplace --progress --numeric-ids --times iscsi/iscsiDisk1

> admin at<mailto:admin at>


> With regards

> Libor Klepac
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