[Bug 3444] Deal with case-insensitive file-systems better (perhaps by adding an option)

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Sat Apr 28 10:27:01 MDT 2012


--- Comment #11 from Brendan Byrd <Samba-Bugzilla at ResonatorSoft.org> 2012-04-28 16:27:00 UTC ---
What the FUCK guys?!  This thing was reported 6 years ago, and somebody
provided a patch (which was written back in 2003), but then you sit on it for 9
years??!  That's certainly a nice "patches welcome, but really, we don't give a
shit" attitude you have there.

Do you realize how popular this option is needed?  Do I really need to LMGTFY?



The problem is so big an issue that the ignore-case.diff patch is well known. 
GNU tar is running circles around you on this issue.  It can --ignore-case,
specify an exclude file, --no-ignore-case, and specify another (case-sensitive)
exclude file.


Samba, on the other hand, doesn't have the common decency to provide a
--ignore-case option within core rsync.  This shouldn't be a patch.  I use
Debian packages, and generally don't compile sources.  GNU tar has it in their
core, and they don't care if it's Windows or not.  It's not a Windows problem. 
Some devices or some systems will output media in different cases of
extentions, like JPG/jpg or GIF/Gif/gif.

Just put the patch in, write some docs on it, close this bug, and move on!

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