Rsync takes long time to finish

Kevin Korb kmk at
Thu Apr 12 15:31:35 MDT 2012

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There was also a serious performance regression in 2.6.39.

On 04/12/12 17:29, Dan Stromberg wrote:
> I've heard lots of good suggestions already - another thing that
> I've not seen mentioned is, upgrading your kernel may help.
> Somewhere shortly before kernel 3.0, pathname lookups got
> noticeably faster.
> You could also try an alternative filesystem like xfs.  It's
> supposed to be pretty good at large directories.
> On Thu, Apr 12, 2012 at 11:29 AM, vijay patel
> <catchvjay at <mailto:catchvjay at>> wrote:
> Hi Friends,
> I am using rsync to copy data from Production File Server to 
> Disaster Recovery file server. I have 100Mbps link setup between 
> these two servers. Folder structure is very deep. It is having
> path like /reports/folder1/date/folder2/file.tx, where we have
> 1600 directories like 'folder1',  daily folders since last year in
> date folder and 2 folders for each date folder like folder2  which 
> ultimately will contain the file. Files are not too big but just 
> design of folder structure is complex. Folder structure design is 
> done by application and we can't change it at the moment. I am
> using following command in cron to run rsync.
> rsync -avh --delete --exclude-from 'ex_file.txt' /reports/ 
> | tee /tmp/rsync_report.out >> 
> /tmp/rsync_report.out.$today
> Initially we were running it every 5 mins then we increased it to 
> every 30 mins since one instance was not getting finished in 5
> mins. Now we have made it to run every 8 hours because of lots of
> folders. Is there a way i can improve performance of my rsync??
> Regards, Vijay
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