Rsync takes long time to finish

Dan Stromberg drsalists at
Thu Apr 12 15:29:22 MDT 2012

I've heard lots of good suggestions already - another thing that I've not
seen mentioned is, upgrading your kernel may help.  Somewhere shortly
before kernel 3.0, pathname lookups got noticeably faster.

You could also try an alternative filesystem like xfs.  It's supposed to be
pretty good at large directories.

On Thu, Apr 12, 2012 at 11:29 AM, vijay patel <catchvjay at> wrote:

>  Hi Friends,
> I am using rsync to copy data from Production File Server to Disaster
> Recovery file server. I have 100Mbps link setup between these two servers.
> Folder structure is very deep. It is having path like
> /reports/folder1/date/folder2/file.tx, where we have 1600 directories like
> 'folder1',  daily folders since last year in date folder and 2 folders for
> each date folder like folder2  which ultimately will contain the file.
> Files are not too big but just design of folder structure is complex.
> Folder structure design is done by application and we can't change it at
> the moment. I am using following command in cron to run rsync.
> rsync -avh --delete --exclude-from 'ex_file.txt' /reports/
> | tee /tmp/rsync_report.out >> /tmp/rsync_report.out.$today
> Initially we were running it every 5 mins then we increased it to every 30
> mins since one instance was not getting finished in 5 mins. Now we have
> made it to run every 8 hours because of lots of folders. Is there a way i
> can improve performance of my rsync??
> Regards,
> Vijay
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