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It depends on what you mean by "incremental backups".

There are 3 things involved with rsync and backups...

The first is rsync's ability to not not backup the same file twice
unless it has changed.  This will work with any method as long as you
sync the time stamps.

The second is rsync's ability to transfer only the parts of a file
that have changed instead of the entire file.  This only works if
rsync is running on both ends of the network connection.  It does not
work if both source and target are local paths even if one or both of
those paths is actually a network mount.  Rsync will find the files
that are different and copy the entire file just like cp would.

The third is retaining the differences between the current backup and
the previous backups.  This allows you to restore from previous
backups without consuming tons of extra space.  Rsync accomplishes
this with the --link-dest feature.  It is not dependent on on the
previous paragraph.

On 04/12/12 16:41, Chris Arnold wrote:
> Are you saying the current way we are doing it does NOT support
> "incremental" backups after the first full backup? One of the NAS
> devices is a readynas duo rnd2100. In the backup section of the
> gui, it does say backup:remote::rsync but when i select that and
> fill in the info and click test connection, it does not connect.
> Does this one support the rsync daemon?
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> This is like mounting the remote drive via samba and then do a
> sync, this is like doing a normal copy job without the deltra
> transfer benefits of rsync. If at all possible you should run an
> rsync daemon on the NAS box and then run the rsync command on the
> other side of the VPN. rsync uses port 873 by default. Or use an
> extra box connected via LAN (not vpn) to mount the NAS and run the
> rsync daemon. If the NAS is your command on the other
> side would be: rsync  --verbose --progress --stats --compress
> --recursive --times --perms --links --delete /Share/
> You can also turn it around to let the NAS poll the backup, you
> need to run an rsync server on the main site then, but only a few
> officially support it.
> regards,
> Joachim Otahal
> Chris Arnold schrieb:
>> Forgive me if this has been addressed here before. We have a
>> remote office that we need to backup to our NAS. We have a site
>> to site certificate VPN. The remote site has over 51gb that needs
>> to be backed up to our NAS over that VPN. I have tried this
>> command: rsync --verbose --progress --stats --compress
>> --recursive --times --perms --links --delete /Share/* /
>> smb://
>> and it just sits there and appears to do nothing. Does rsync make
>> a tarball first and then put it where it is told to put it or
>> does it just copy the files/folders over? Maybe it is the
>> smb://xx.xx.xx.xx/whatever that is breaking it......the bottom
>> line is i need to copy/rsync a directory to a remote server
>> through a VPN. How is this accomplished?

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