Run rsync even not connected

Brian K. White brian at
Thu Apr 12 12:12:40 MDT 2012

On 4/12/2012 12:32 PM, Chris Arnold wrote:
> On Apr 11, 2012, at 10:48 PM, "Brian K. White"<brian at>  wrote:
>> Now just run the rsync command. no nohup, no&.
> Just so completely understand, it should be:
> rsync --options xxxxx no nohup no&
> Or am I completely wrong?

No I was saying that if you were using screen, then you don't need to 
put "nohup" before the command and you don't need to put "&" after the 

> Btw, Brian K. White, that looks familiar. You a member of the opensuse or postfix lists?

Yep opensuse


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