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Wed Apr 11 20:23:57 MDT 2012

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Cron will allow for an rsync to be running in the background.
However, there are additional steps (such as a lock file) you should
take to make sure two don't end up running at the same time.

On 04/11/12 22:22, Chris Arnold wrote:
> I just thought about cron! Will a cron job accomplish this?
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> On Apr 11, 2012, at 10:07 PM, Kevin Korb <kmk at>
> wrote:
> Use screen or tmux.  You can start rsync (or anything else)
> running then detach.  Later you can log back in and re-attach.
> On 04/11/12 22:05, Chris Arnold wrote:
>>>> I hopethis hope this makes sense. How do you make rsync run
>>>> even when not physically connected to the server? In other
>>>> words, I run rsync from the terminal via vnc and when I log
>>>> out of the connection, rsync stops running. Is there a script
>>>> or something I can use?
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