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Rsync doesn't run over ftp anymore than it runs over smb.
Those two URLs are discussions about alternatives to rsync.

Of course if you fuse mount an ftp server then rsync could run on it
but then you could do that with cifs too.

The big difference is that rsync's delta transfer system relies on
rsync running on both systems and communicating over the network.
That way the two rsync processes can hash the file data on both ends
and only transmit the hashes to determine what parts of the file are
different and then only transmit those parts.  If you use any other
networking method (like a network mount) then rsync forces
- --whole-file as not doing so would completely invert the performance
benefits of a delta transfer.

The best these ftp and network mount methods can do is to skip files
that have the same timestamp and size.  Files that appear to be
different still have to be transferred completely.  There are plenty
of tools out there that do that.  The benefit of rsync is that it can
transmit only the parts of a file that have changed.

On 04/11/12 18:56, josephj at wrote:
> Another option (that I'm looking into,but haven't tried) is to do
> rsync over ftp. Many NASs support ftp, so that may work for you.
> See: 
>  Joe
> Using either rsync over ssh or rsyncd which is what I said in my 
> original reply.  But unfortunately few NAS appliances support
> those.
> On 04/11/12 18:04, Chris Arnold wrote:
>>>> So what would plan A be?
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>>>> Wednesday, April 11, 2012 5:39:31 PM Subject: Re: Rsync to a
>>>> Remote NAS
>>>> You mean mount -t cifs ;)
>>>> This is a good plan B if the remote system can't support
>>>> rsyncd or rsync over ssh.  But unfortunately it would mean
>>>> running with --whole-file
>>>> On 04/11/12 17:36, Greg Deback (rsync) wrote:
>>>>> Hi,
>>>>> I don't think rsync natively supports samba shared volumes.
>>>>> You should probably start by mounting your shared volume,
>>>>> using mount -t smbfs, then sync. See 
>>>>> Greg
>>>>> On Wed, Apr 11, 2012 at 11:31 PM, Chris Arnold 
>>>>> <carnold at 
>>>>> <mailto:carnold at>> wrote:
>>>>> Forgive me if this has been addressed here before. We have
>>>>> a remote office that we need to backup to our NAS. We have
>>>>> a site to site certificate VPN. The remote site has over
>>>>> 51gb that needs to be backed up to our NAS over that VPN. I
>>>>> have tried this command: rsync --verbose --progress --stats
>>>>> --compress --recursive --times --perms --links --delete
>>>>> /Share/* / smb:// 
>>>>> <>
>>>>> and it just sits there and appears to do nothing. Does
>>>>> rsync make a tarball first and then put it where it is told
>>>>> to put it or does it just copy the files/folders over?
>>>>> Maybe it is the smb://xx.xx.xx.xx/whatever that is breaking
>>>>> it......the bottom line is i need to copy/rsync a directory
>>>>> to a remote server through a VPN. How is this accomplished?
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