Problem syncing to Netapp (rsync: failed to set times on...)

Joachim Otahal (privat) Jou at
Mon Apr 9 16:11:41 MDT 2012

Stier, Matthew schrieb:
> But the timestamp would not.

Be careful with that, I had cases where picture editors kept the 
timestamps even if they did change the content. Only atime was changed, 
mtime stayed. The affected users had the option selected in the program 
(they thought of it as a speed up option), once it was changed it was 
the way it should. So I run -c weekly and check how many are 
transferred. Sometimes surprises come up.


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> Bill Dorrian wrote:
>> These are photos - I wonder what the odds are of a modified file
>> having the same size as the original?
> If someone modifies the EXIF metadata (say, to correct a 'picture taken on'
> timestamp for a camera that wasn't properly synchronized), the file size
> would likely remain the same.
> --Kyle

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